Primary Schools within 1km of Enchante

Primary Schools within 1km of Enchante

Every parent cares about the child’s education. From the year 2022, the new home-school distance rule is implemented for primary one registrations. With this new rule, primary one priority admissions, if it comes down to a ballot, will be based on the distance between the student’s residence and the school’s boundary/ fence/ border instead of its centre. But honestly, for Enchante, it does not matter, as two very good Primary schools fall within its 1km range.

How does distance affect your child’s primary 1 registration

If your chosen primary school has more registrants than vacancies, priority admission will be given based on your child's citizenship and the Home-School Distance category, which is in turn based on the address used for registration.

Priority admission is given in this order:
  • Singapore Citizens (SC) living within 1km of the school.
  • SCs living between 1km and 2km of the school.
  • SCs living outside 2km of the school.
  • Permanent Residents (PR) living within 1km of the school.
  • PRs living between 1km and 2km of the school.
  • PRs living outside 2km of the school.

Two very good primary schools within 1km of Enchante

For Enchante, it is within 1km of two very good schools. These two schools are almost always subject to balloting at the latter phases of the registration. The early phases are usually taken up by the children of the alumni of these schools. It is expected as these are good schools and their successful parents will want to let their children study where they had.

But this meant high competition for primary school places for these schools. It is not easy to get your child in!

So simply from the point of priority of Primary 1 admission, buying a unit at Enchante gives you the advantage of not only increasing your chances of enrolling your child in these two top schools. Being close to these schools also meant being able to wake up at a more reasonable hour in the morning and able to get back home faster than anyone else in the afternoon.

Primary Schools within 1km of Enchante

More time for fun ! A Happier Child !

Anglo Chinese School Primary (ACSP)

ACSP is within 1 km of Enchante

Anglo Chinese School Primary or ACSP is at 50 Barker Road, Singapore 309918 and within 1 km of Enchante Singapore. The school moved to its current location at Barker Road on 4 December 2002. ACSP believes in "Every ACSian a young man of character, capability and creativity.". Of course, their most famous Our Motto is "The Best Is Yet To Be". The school's students sit for the local PSLE in primary class six and have the option to move on to the ACS Secondary Schools with affiliation favours. The Anglo-Chinese School has produced many notable alumni; there are currently more cabinet ministers from ACS than from any other school.

St. Joseph's Institution Junior (SJI Junior)

St. Joseph's Institution Junior or SJI Junior is at No. 3 Essex Road, Singapore 309331 and within 1 km of Enchante Singapore. St. Joseph's Institution (SJI) is an independent Catholic educational institution in Singapore. Founded in 1852 by the De La Salle Brothers, it is the first Catholic school and the third oldest school in Singapore. Its mission is "Enabling youth in a Lasallian community to learn how to learn and to learn how to live; empowering them to be men of integrity and men for others.". The motto is "Ora et Labora" which is Latin for "Pray and Work" reflects the life of Saint Joseph - the man who listens to God, the good husband and loving father, the great teacher of the young, the conscientious worker. Its most famous alumni must be the ex President of Singapore, Mr Tony Tan.

With Enchante TOP date now in 2024, it makes even more sense to purchase an unit at Enchante and be within 1km of ACS(P) and SJI too.

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