Enchante Condo TOP Date is now 2024

Enchante TOP Date Is Now 2024

Potential Enchante Condo buyers might be pleased to know that the TOP (Temporary Occupation Permit) is now set at 2024. It was previously set as 2026. That's a full 2 years ahead of schedule. In fact, as we speak, the developer has now started to collect Foundation payment as part of the progressive payment scheme.

Here's a screenshot from the details of the Enchante launch booklet. Do contact us to get a sales kit about the Enchante launch.

Enchante TOP Date Is Now 2024

Why is this news important ?

This is very good news as it means that based on Property Rules for Primary 1 home distance priority admission, children that are enrolling in Primary 1 can now get to use the home distance priority admission to enrol in the Primary Schools that are 1 km from Enchante

And we know these are very good Primary Schools such as ACS (Primary) at Baker Road and St. Joseph's Institution Junior (SJI Junior).

What about ACS (Primary) moving to Tengah

As per MOE, "All Primary 1 cohorts of ACS (Primary) admitted to the school until 2029 will remain at the Barker Road site until they graduate. When the Tengah site opens in 2030, it will accept both male and female siblings of existing students of the Barker Road site for Phase 1 admission. From 2030, the school at Barker Road will only accept male Primary 1 students who are siblings of students currently studying at the site, said MOE in a press release on Thursday"

So there is no worries if your children is still going to be in Primary 1 right up to 2029. Enchante Condo will give you the 1km advantage which is so important in enrolling to good schools like ACSP and SJI ! Carry on buying an unit at Enchante where the TOP date is now just 2024 and that would be so close to today.

Home Owners and Investors will also be happy with the earlier TOP dates

In addition, an earlier TOP date will enable investors happier as they can rent out their properties much earlier and take advantage of the hot property rental market now. We all know that Enchante is close to the Novena Medical Hub which will attract a lot of top doctors and medical personnel to rent properties near to their place of work. Enchante with its great condo facilities will be very attractive too.

Home-owners always want to move to their new places and the beautiful Enchante Condo will be ready for them. I am sure many buyers and potential buyers will be very pleased with the latest Enchante TOP dates.

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